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We are trying to republish the book ‘Himmela’  a scholarly work on Yakshagana. The cost of the publication is around 2 lakh  Indian Rupees or 4000 USD. Please pledge your donation amount here. Even if it is 500 Rs or $50 or equivalent, your support is important to Yakshagana.  It all helps us preserve unique aspects of Yakshagana. By pledging you only express commitment to donate; no money is deducted. Please fill the form below and we will contact you with details on how to send money.

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Note 1: This is a group effort. You will be credited for your contribution by mentioning your name as a sponsor. All monies will directly go to author Dr Raghava Nambiyar and a detailed account of republication costs will be sent to all those who provide email address, to ensure transparency in using funds.

Note 2: ‘Himmela’  is a seminal book on Yakshagana condensing research of about 40 years to preserve the traditional aspects of Yakshagana Bayalata.  If we have to see Yakshagana survive in its original glory and prosper ,we need to support not only actual performances but also all genuine scholarship on Yakshagana.

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