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Yaksha Shruti is an online/Andoid/PC/iPhone application for traditional Yakshagana shruti. Please leave your feature request and comments below .

Why this is different from other shrutis? Please read the blog post to understand more:


8 comments on “Like this?
  1. Manju says:

    Very good job…..keep it up

  2. raguks says:

    Thank you. There is work going on for the next version which is bigger and better…


    Ragu and Prabha,
    Great job.

  4. Narendra Naik says:

    Great Job. I am using this online shruti almost everyday. Thank you .

    • raguks says:

      Thank you. I have spent lot of time on developing this software and there is no better appreciation than using it often. Thank you for using this software.

  5. shashidhara Hebbar Halady says:

    You are doing a great job. Thank you. Continue.