Download Audio Files for Traditional Yakshagana Shruti

You can install YakshaShruti app on Android phone or computer for Yakshagana shruti. If you do not have a compatible phone, do not worry. I have uploaded highquality traditional shruti audio files – please download from below and use. Please understand the basics behind Yakshagana shruti from this article on “Why Yakshagana Shruti is Different”.

Please do NOT use Tanpura/Electronic Shruti for Yakshagana.

Download Yakshagana Shruti Harmonium Drones D to G

(These are mp3 files in the interest of your download bandwidth, email for wav file if you need it for research or performance)

Harmonium Shrutibox


Harmonium by Shri Ganesh Desai

Audio System: Dr Param and Sharada Bhat

Recording and Copyright (c) Ragu Kattinakere

Yakshamitra Toronto.

Licensed for non- comercial use in Yakshagana performance and practices only.


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